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VALERIA FAMILIA Studio is a place where creativity and engineering calculations come together, where behind any design solution is the experience of professionals of different profile, where every creative idea gets unconventional implementation due to efforts of the professional team.

The team of VALERIA FAMILIA Studio creates and implements cozy, stylish and functional interiors of apartments, private houses, restaurants, offices and other public spaces.

We perform the full range of services, including the development of the design project, author's and technical supervision, decoration, and interior finishing.

VALERIA FAMILIA studio has come a long way from a small interior sketch to hundreds of completed projects created by a whole team of professionals.

The company's history begins in 2013, when the design and architecture studio "D" Design.studio" was founded. Since then, our creative team has implemented more than 150 projects in different styles and in different cities.

Since the studio was founded, we have formed a recognizable author's handwriting, in which the main components are the functionality of interiors and work with different styles.

Each of our projects today is an individual work, which considers the personality of a particular person, his worldview, way of life and social circle. To achieve this result, during the preparation of the design project we create an atmosphere of calm and harmony, acting as designers and psychologists at the same time.

years in architectural engineering and design

certified specialists in the team

realized projects in different cities

reliable teams for project implementation

Our team

Valeria Kalickaya

Studio Head

Valeria is the founder of Valeria Familia Studio and the main inspirer of ideas and generator of the company's values. Valeria is convinced that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful and functional space, and it is easy to achieve if you make the interior a reflection of the customer's personality, his interests and life experience.

Andrey Kazakov

Design Engineer

Andrew develops working documentation for design projects, performs landscaping projects, sketch architectural projects and materials acquisition. His work allows to accurately implement design and architectural ideas. As a certified specialist in industrial and civil engineering, he promotes the idea that design should be a tool for creating a comfortable environment and at the same time remain accessible to a wide range of people.

Mikhail Prikhodko


Mikhail deals with the architectural and construction parts of projects and the creation of working drawings. Mikhail has a degree in architecture of Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, as well as dozens of completed projects of varying complexity. Thanks to the experience and talent of Mikhail, we can implement unique projects of suburban construction, which require the utmost professionalism.

Yuri Modebadze

Interior Designer

Yuri is responsible for creating individual concepts of interior design, developing volume-planning structures, zoning spaces, and selecting materials. His projects inspire and admire the accuracy of elaboration. Having a diploma from Moscow Architectural Institute, Yuri masterfully finds new forms and author's unconventional solutions within the style agreed with the client.

Ksenia Gladchenko

Project Manager

Ksenia has two degrees in economics and interior design, which helps to implement the studio's projects in a clear and systematic way. Having experience working with large, federal-scale projects, she believes that there are no unsolvable tasks.

How We Work

Getting acquainted and measurements
We discuss the wishes of the future interior, agree on terms and cost of work, prescribe them in the contract, make measurements and photo fixation of the object.
Planning decisions
We develop options for room layout, as well as prepare a style collage interior, which conveys the general mood and concept.
3D Visualization
We develop three-dimensional visualization, which allows you to see the future interior with furniture, decor, plumbing, etc.
Technical documentation
We carry out engineering calculations, prepare a set of construction drawings (plans of floor and ceilings, wall decoration, etc.), as well as a list of furniture and materials.
Author's supervision
During the project implementation, we personally supervise the construction work and timely solve any problems that may arise during repair.



What is included:
— Measurement plan;
— Planning solution;
— Furniture layout plan;
— Partition walls erection plan;
— Online/offline consultation with the designer.
layout 900 rubles/m²
What is included:
— Measurement plan;
— Conceptual collage;
— Planning solution;
— Furniture layout plan;
— Partition walls erection plan;
— Online/offline consultation with the designer.
concept 1 400 rubles/m²
What is included:
— Measurement plan;
— Conceptual collage;
— Photorealistic 3D visualization with the developed design;
— Planning solution;
— Furniture layout plan;
— Partition walls erection plan;
— Electrical plan;
— Plumbing plan;
— Ceiling plan;
— Flooring plan;
— Outlets and switches location plan;
— Lighting plan and location coordinates;
— Interior decoration plan;
— Slits;
— Scans;
— Door explanation;
— Heating device plan;
— Specification of finishing materials and furniture used in the project under the budget;
— Repair estimate;
— Online/offline consultation with the designer;
— Consultation of the builder in online/offline mode.
optimal 3 200 rubles/m²
What is included:
— Site visits for monitoring;
— Editing drawings;
— Consulting with builders;
— Work with contractors;
— Store visits for selection of finishing materials.
supervision from 30 000 rubles/month
What is included:
— Procurement scheduling;
— Supervising purchases of materials and furniture;
— Receiving goods at the site;
— Claims management;
— Re-selection of necessary items.
residential 30 000 rubles/month

Architectural design is calculated individually.

The cost depends on the meterage of the building, construction materials, incoming communications, number of floors, the presence in the project of such elements as a pool, sauna, etc. and many other factors. To calculate the cost of design, you can send a description of the future building, and we will make a calculation for you. Our area of expertise includes: low-rise countryside construction, private and public baths, swimming pools, restaurants, sports clubs, country complexes, hotel complexes, office buildings.
achitecture individual


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