Valeria Kalitskaya

Director, VALERIA FAMILIA Studio
of Architecture and Design
At Valeria Familia, creativity coexists with the precision of engineering calculations, every design choice is made by specialists with considerable experience in various disciplines, and unconventional ideas come to fruition thanks to our wonderful team of seasoned professionals.
The VALERIA FAMILIA team creates cozy, stylish and functional interiors for apartments, private houses, restaurants, offices, and more. We provide a full range of services, including the development of design projects, architectural and technical supervision, decoration and finishing of the interiors.
6 Reasons to Hire VALERIA FAMILIA
Full range of services
every stage of a project completed by a single team
Strict compliance with deadlines
thanks to our well-organized process
Clearly defined and detailed terms and conditions
written in the contract
Savings up to 20%
on materials, furniture, and decor purchased through the studio
Expert level
of architectural planning and commercial design
Realistic visualization
of future interiors in the form of photographs
8 years
in the field of architecture and design
6 specialists
6 certified specialists
150+ successful projects in several citie
3 reliable construction teams
Our Process
Meeting the client + taking measurements
We discuss the client's needs and wishes regarding the future interiors, agree on the cost and timeline of work, sign the contract, take measurements and photographs of the object.
Plans and layout
We develop several options of the layout of the premises, as well as prepare a stylistic collage to convey the concept and general mood of the interiors.
Based on our plans, we create 3D-visualization which allows us and the client view the future interiors, including furniture, appliances, decor, etc.
Technical documentation
We make all necessary engineering calculations, prepare a set of construction blueprints (floor plans, ceilings, wall finishes, etc.), as well as create lists of necessary materials and furniture.
Creative control
We personally oversee every step of the construction process, efficiently solving any problems that may come up over the course of the project's realization.
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