Our Team
Valeria Kalitskaya
The founder of Valeria Familia and the main inspiration for the company's ideals and values, Valeria believes that every person deserves to live in a beautiful, functional space, which is easily achieved when the interiors reflect the client's personality, interests, and life experience.
Andrey Kazakov
Andrey develops working documentation for design projects, carries out renovations, creates architectural drafts, and selects materials. His work allows you to bring your dream space to life. As a certified specialist in the field of industrial and private construction, Andrey promotes the idea that design should be a tool for creating a comfortable environment which remains accessible to a wide range of people.
Irina Maslova
Business Partner
Irina makes sure that every one of our clients receives proper attention and prompt responses to all communication. She brings her experience in managing business projects in different fields. Irina believes that design is not a goal in and of itself, but a means of achieving the client's goals, because spaces where we live and work must first and foremost be functional and comfortable.
Shilenok Daniella
Interior designer
Daniella creates design projects and takes part in every stage of their realization, from visualization to creative control over construction. Thanks to her immaculate taste and ability to anticipate her clients' wishes, Daniella's interiors are invariably met with approval not only from the customers, but from her colleagues in the field as well.
Mikhail Prikhodko
Mikhail creates blueprints for our projects and is involved in the architectural construction of the objects. Mikhail has a diploma in architecture from the St. Petersburg State
University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He has completed dozens of projects of varying complexity. Thanks to Mikhail's experience and talent, we are able to work on unique suburban construction projects with the utmost professionalism.
Yuri Modebadze
Interior designer
Yuri creates individual interior design concepts, develops space-planning structures, and is involved in zoning and selection of materials. His attention to detail in every project inspires and delights! A graduate of Moscow Architectural Institute, Yuri is a master of new forms and unconventional authorial solutions within the customer's desired style.
Ksenia Gladchenko
Interior designer
Ksenia, a designer, also studied to be a decorator at a British school. He loves art in all its manifestations. My hobby is to travel, at the moment I have visited 20 countries. A gourmet, knows all the gastronomic and most delicious places of St. Petersburg!
VALERIA FAMILIA has come a long way from the first interior design sketch to hundreds of successful projects completed by a team of experienced professionals.
Our history began in 2013, when an architecture and interior design studio called"D" design.studio was founded. Since then, our creative team has worked on over 300 projects in several cities.
VALERIA FAMILIA specializes mainly in creating and realizing design projects for apartments, private houses, HoReCa objects, business centers, and other public spaces. We provide a full range of services from visualization to decoration.
Since the foundation of the studio, we have established a recognizable authorial touch, introducing functionality into interiors of all kinds of styles.
We believe that every project needs to be approached from a personal standpoint, taking into account the client's identity, worldview, lifestyle, and social circle. We make sure that our interiors are uniquely suited to our clients' needs, maintaining a creative and harmonious atmosphere at every stage of the process.
Currently, "D" design.studio is undergoing rebranding. The new and improved studio, VALERIA FAMILIA, will not only continue working in Russia, but also take on international projects. Significantly expanding our horizons, we are excited to reach a wider spectre of clients with our unique design ideas.